Magnetic Radius Gauge

Radius gauge, thanks to the use magnets, '' stick '' to skate, which makes the measurement is stable and more accurate. Indicating system is a precision sensor Indicating system is a precision sensor LIMIT renowned Swedish company, provided with a radius scale R[m]. Design and non-slip strap make the device comfortably and securely holding in his hands. All rollers and measuring tip are made of cemented carbide.

Radius bending machine

Radius bending machine with additional roll setting the blade is characterized by precise bending skates. Varied the size of the rolls makes that surface pressure from both sides of the skate are equalised. The upper roller can be clearly lower, even while the blade is inserted, which greatly makes easier the process of bending. The two lower rolls are driven manually. All rolls are covered with techically chrome. Stable attachment to the table and professional execution make it bending skates runs smoothly and precisely. Aluminum, compact design gives the ability to easily store and transport equipment.

Victum blades

Victum is the first model Carbotechnix series skates on the long track. Steel or aluminium tube lift was replaced by carbon fibre tube. Because of this, the tube got much lower weight. In a decisive way it affected the improvement of elasticity.

Equipped with aluminium flap and Bi-metallic steel runner with a thickness of 1, 1 mm and hardness of 64 Hrc is ideal product for the most demanding skaters.

Victum skate are an effect of the two-year cooperation of the Carbotechnix company with the company Stan-Skate. Active part in the formation of the model Victum participated coach AZS Zakopane Eligiusz Grabowski, whose valuable comments have been taken into account. Ice skates were also tested in practice, inter alia by Ivan Skobrev,, who had a positive opinion about the prototype.

Carbon Quick Tips

Carbon quick tips from Carbotechnix are characterized by high durability and stiffness. Perfectly suited to any gloves, and unusual care and visual appearance will satisfy each skater.